6 Simple Healthy Swaps Without Strange Ingredients

I am all for eating healthy, but some of these  foods are just odd. The occasional tofu, fine. Quinoa, tried it, but it does feel like you are eating sand. Avocado in baking, sounds alright, but I have yet to attempt it. But tempeh, and hemp seeds? That is a bit too far gone for me.

So here are some of my favorite swaps I use everyday that are picky eater approved ( thanks to the boyfriend). You can make these swaps to eat healthier and there is no “milk of a rare mountain goat fermented for a year and then placed at the top of a mountain for another year and then mixed with cave dirt” here.

1. Greek Yogurt for everything– Seriously obsessed. I use this instead of sour cream, heavy cream, as well as butter and oil in baking. Plain is great to have around for everyday use, but if I am baking, I usually use the vanilla variety. You will literally cut the fat in recipes by at least 1/2 if not more.

Greek yogurt cooking conversions

2. Unsweetened applesauce for fats– This is great for baking. You can substitute applesauce for some sugar or for some of the fats in your recipes. Just beware that it will add more moisture to your recipe so balance accordingly.

Baking with Applesauce Conversion Chart - Apple sauce will add moisture and flavor to your baking while cutting fat and calories.

3. Honey for sugar– In Texas, honey is a much loved ingredient. And because it is fairly cheap here, I have stared using it more. Use this as a partial swap for sugar in baking. Not only is it healthier, but you get a secondary floral essence added.

Sugar Substitutions  - good for the #endometriosis #diet - try to use organic honey

4. Whole wheat bread/ pasta/ brown rice for regular– This is probably one of the easiest swaps to make. Whole wheat is so popular now that it is extremely affordable and has this great nutty flavor. I can’t even eat regular pasta anymore because I miss the al dente, nutty flavor that the whole wheat brings to the party. And if you don’t tell anyone, they probably would not notice the difference. As for the rice, it does take longer to cook, but the increased nutritional value is totally worth it.

5. Olive oil for vegetable or canola oil- Other than deep frying (which you cannot make healthy even if you use olive oil), I always use olive oil in my cooking. Yes even in baking, it does not change the flavor. Olive oil is this a fat so use it sparingly, but this oil in a “good fat” meaning it increases your HDL cholesterol level. This is the healthy kind which has some potential health benefits.

6. Avocado for mayonnaise– I have always hated mayonnaise. It has such a weird texture. But my dad seems to love it. He always says, ” how can you not love an emulsion?” Yes. That is a true story. But every since i figured out to spread some mashed avocado on a sandwich instead of mayo, I have loved sandwiches so much more. But you can also use it in chicken and egg salads, and deviled eggs. You name it, swap that mayo for avocado. And of course you can combine it with greek yogurt, but you can combine anything with Greek yogurt…


What other swaps do you use everyday? Let me know in the comments!

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